What is the Loft Conversion Process?

What is the Loft Conversion Process?

Hello homeowners! This is Beverly Smith here who wishes to share with you all the benefits of house renovation to increase the value of your property. Perhaps, my experiences working in a house renovation business can help solve some issues related to home ownership.

One of the problems experienced in present day family living is space. Grown up children need more privacy so an additional room is the only solution. You might consider adding another room but this entails more expenses, stress and much family involvement. Look around your house for an extra space that you can convert into an extra room so you minimise additional expenses and eliminate the stressful task of moving. It is status quo that since the work involves takes place inside your house, there is less disruption that accompanies making a major extension to create another living space. Moreover loft conversion is an investment for it adds significant amount of money, even up to 20% to the value of your property.

What is Loft Conversion?

Loft conversion is transforming an empty space at home, such as your loft or attic into a functional room. The converted room is versatile as it can be another bedroom, office space, a gym, storage area or entertainment room. In the UK,  loft conversion is considered as the most popular form of home improvement for it provides many  benefits.

The Process

Loft conversion is a complicated process for it is not like a simple DIY process of doing things. The work involves many people who are experts in their own line. Consequently, you need a specialist loft conversion company, like ours to undertake the task. You can avoid all the hustle involved in this project by simply hiring a professional company.

Today, the costs of houses are going up and you need money to create extra space. Many people realise that their lofts, which are usually empty spaces in their house are the answer.  Instead of using this makeshift area for storage, it becomes your extra space. Furthermore, it is one of the options to significantly increase the value of their home. Try our company and we can help you reach your goal for it provides the best client-focused services involved in loft conversion..

Monetary advantages of Loft Conversion

Considering the advantage you get with loft conversion as it adds not only more space but it also improves the value of your home for Loft Conversion in London adds as much as 25% + to value of your home. Imagine that in the long run, you will be making additional money. Where space is an issue in London or anywhere else, Loft conversions served as the most popular options home improvements that families can undertake. Considering its total costs, it is less expensive than moving from home and it is the best way to enhance your living area.

Benefits of having a Loft Conversion

  1. You have all the extra space that you need.

An extra space is needed and have started considering buying a new house for its solution. Yes, loft conversion is a good option to create an extra space you will be able to use practically in terms of your need. This additional space also solves the problem of storage faced by the different rooms of your home.

  1. The value of your property is increased

The value of your property will be raised by a loft conversion and its increased is not just 5% to 10% but even more since house value increases go as high as 20% after loft conversions. Remember that real estate property never decreases but they are always increasing from year to year.

  1. Many more storage areas

Extra space is very valuable as they can be used to store items from other house residents. When such items are stored in the loft, the house becomes clean providing walking space and relaxing area. .

  1. Adds space to your home

By undertaking a loft conversion, you are not only increasing the value of your home but gaining wonderful incentives. Your empty attic space can be transformed into a new luxurious space for you and your family, or to enjoy a brand-new bedroom, or a modern bathroom or a state-of- the-art office. Our company has created multiple designs and constructed lofts to suit your desire for luxurious spaces. Since space in London has always been a problem especially for a growing family who cannot afford a bigger house, Loft Conversion is your best solution to help create that extra space. Visit us and browse designs in our loft conversion gallery to get an insight and gain ideas for your own loft conversion. There are many type of loft conversions

Essential considerations for your Loft Conversion

Loft stairs

The ideal scenario is for your stairs to start from an existing stairwell using a domer or some other extension if not enough headroom is found for the flight of stairs to land in the attic.

Loft insulation & ventilation

For better comfortable living, upgrade the insulation at rafter level that is usually done by inserting stiff insulation in the midst and below the rafters, by leaving a 50 mm void in between the existing roof’s underside of to increase ventilation.

Loft sound proofing

To tackle the problem of noise, consider the fabric of your roof – such as using a ceiling plasterboard for and for party walls), or apply glazing products that deaden the sound.

Plumbing & electrics

Always check the electrical appliances in your loft if central heating and electrical systems have enough power to supply to the new space as well as their distribution area that they are needed. Do the same with the plumbing.

Fire safety for Loft Conversions

Every building must have a safe means of escape in case of fire and the standard provision of escape windows on every floor. A new space at home from a conversion needs a protected stairway leading down to the main exit in case of emergency.

Why choose our company?

Our company is your best choice for we are doing the entire process for you: from securing planning permission to the final installation phase. We will follow all your design requirements, tailored to you needs.

Since our prices are all fixed, there will be no additional cost. Our quotations are clearly and concisely stated with no hidden costs or small printed letters hardly visible on the lower portion of the contract.

Unlike other companies. we undertake any kind of specialisation and custom modification such as adding Juliet balconies, or opening skylights and lots more.

Since our Loft Conversion team has been working for over a decade now, we always exceed your expectations. Because we believe in the quality of our work, we offer a full 10-year warranty on the loft conversion.!


I would advise you to consider loft conversion to solve your problem of space. We will be with you in your entire loft conversion project to increase home space, as well as property value. Email us here: info@houserenovationlondon.co.uk.

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