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House Renovation London is a wallpaper hanging specialist and provides professional wallpaper hanging services with the finest materials, across London. As an expert, we understand that wallcovering installation is all about craftsmanship and professionalism. And that is what exactly we deliver by combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest levelling technologies.

Our expertise in luxurious and amazing wallpapers decoration has made our Wallpaper Hanging London services the first choice for many.


Wallpaper hangings give a house an exquisite look with quite affordable benefits:

  • Wallpapers come in a broad variety of designs and patterns.
  • You can apply wallpapers in many ways such as paste the wall, peel and stick etc.
  • It easily can be removed and replaced.
  • Many wallpapers types are washable.
  •  Durable and easy maintenance.
  • Hide the defective and uneven wall with delicacy.
  • Wallpaper can be considered eco-friendly, as it is manufactured with natural materials and does not contain any harmful chemicals.


We always believe in serving our clients with the best. Our Wallpaper installations focus on making sure our clients are satisfied with our quality and professional work. We recommend the most suitable materials to fulfil your requirements to achieve the maximum impact.


House Renovation London has expertise in all kinds of wallpapers installation and wall coverings. Before starting our work, we always recommend our clients to take proper measurements, ensure quantities and then place an order to work efficiently. We keep the surface prepared and remove all the old papers (if necessary) to give the even and glorious look. After finishing our work, we advise our client and inform them how to take care of the freshly installed wallpaper hangers and how to maintain it effectively.


We take care of every tiny detail while doing our wallpaper hanging. Our hanging procedure includes:

Step 1 – Prime the Walls –

We prepare the wall by patching holes and sanding them smooth.

Step – 2 –

Measure the wall including edges and cut the wallpaper to size

Measure the wall correctly and cut the rolls in an extra six inches for trimming. Then we cut several pieces to length with a utility knife.

Step 3

Mark a Plumb Line and Hang the First Piece

Mark a plumb line and unbook the wall coverings, to start applying. Longer wallpapers can go straight in once. Set each roll perfectly in front of the wall where it’s going to be hung. We will discuss crown moulding, as if you do not want it, we need to extend wall covering to the top edge of the wall.

Step – 4 – Surface smoothing

Once the wall covering is done, then we run a smoother gently over every square inch of the paper. We use a soft-bristle wallpaper brush for the straightedge and embossed paper.

Step – 5 – Wipe down the corners

We cut off the excess corner papers with straightedge and utility knives, before applying the corner wall coverings. We use natural sponges to clean off paste when it is still moist after each sheet is hung.

Step 6 – Fill all gaps –

After 20-25 minutes, we use caulk to fill all gaps in the corners and wipe off the extra caulk.

Step – 7 – Seal the wall hangings

Wall hangings cover the switches and outlets. It is necessary to trim that extra covering away. We use a satin or semi-gloss paint to emboss paper, seal the wall covering.

We work neatly and cleanly by respecting our surroundings while maintaining courtesy and professionalism in all of our work. We keep you updated at every stage of the project.


Flock Wallpaper –

 Created from a velvet-like fibre, Flock wallpaper is different because of its fuzzy three-dimensional patterns. It is one of the most expensive and sparkling wallpaper and requires proper maintenance. This would be best for a master bedroom or guest room.

 Printed Wallpaper –

Printed wallpapers are commonly used wallpapers which come in a wide range of varieties and patterns. Avoid using it for bathrooms and kitchens, as it easily can be torn.

 Liner Wallpaper –

Line wallpaper is made from paper or fibreglass, and are best in hiding wall defects and uneven patterns. It is easy to apply and remove and can be used alone or printed.

 Mylar Wallpaper –

With a printed on a paper backing and polyester film applied on top of it, Mular wallpaper has a wet or shiny appearance. The proper prior lining is recommended for this, as it highlights the wall defects. You can easily remove and wash these wallpapers and can use them without worrying in your kitchen and bathrooms.

 Bamboo Wallpaper –

Handcrafted from natural bamboos, this type of wallpapers comes in a wide range of varieties. It is environmentally friendly and requires delicate treatment during installation.

Foil Wallpaper –

We use a polished metal foil as a base to give foil wallpapers a shiny metallic effect. It has a high reflectivity, which highlights any wall defects. So, before installation, walls need to be repaired and covered with lining papers neatly.

Contact us for any of your Wallpaper Hanging London requirements, if you are unable to find your desired type of wallpaper.


Our wallpaper hanging London services include stylish, luxurious accommodation, private residents, all kinds of commercial locations with excellent results. Our dedicated team is highly professional and always tries to serve clients with outstanding services.

Get our consultation/expert advice service to help you choose wallpapers to contrast with the date of the property, whatever the scale and design is.