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What are the best ways to increasing your house value? House Extension, Kitchen Extension etc. All in all you want to get the best returns for your investment in any sort of extension to your house. We all understand that the kitchen is the most important part of the house and by extending it or re-modelling it can increase the value of your house considerably . Any type of Kitchen extension in London can increase your property’s value. By turning a small and ugly looking kitchen to a large, open planned beautiful kitchen will appeal to many house buyers too. 

Kitchen extensions in London can result in fantastic and full of life space created for all of your family to enjoy. In many cases some old period dated properties do not meet the modern expectations of how a kitchen should look like.  The modern look is open plan, full of light and very airy too.

A Victorian house extension can add a great focal point to your existing house, building a kitchen extension can create beautiful, open plan dining and an entertainment area which can seamlessly blend with your garden. Another benefit of extending your kitchen is that it will result in freeing up space in other rooms of your house which can be reconfigured for different purposes.

A well planned, designed and implemented side return extension will seamlessly integrate with your house from the inside-out adding modern accent to a period dated house. 

​At House Renovation London, our team is dedicated to exceed all your requirements and expectations, we build beautiful extensions as we want to see you and your family enjoy in the new kitchen extension. For several years we have been building kitchen extensions in London for many houses and are happy to assist you in creating your dream kitchen. 

Our company provides a vast array of construction services starting from planning, design and preparation through construction to painting and decorating works providing quality from start to end of the project. ​

Kitchen Extension Project

When planning to do the Kitchen extension project, you need to research on what exactly do you want to achieve and if it can be done too.  Once you have found the best type of kitchen extension for your house, our team can then offer our professional advice as we have completed many kitchen extensions across London.  

Look for images that help you design the type of kitchen you want and shortlist the best ones you find and share them with us so that we can advise you if they can be undertaken or not. There are many underlying factors such as how many meters is legally accepted for a Kitchen extension. And this varies from borough to borough so do check on this before you select on the kitchen design. 

Our team is ready on hand to discuss your ideas and tell you how much work will be involved, materials required, labour costs and the time lag needed to complete the job. By doing this, you can plan on the  budget needed to complete the proposed kitchen extension in London. 

Another thing you can do is look for comparable properties via your local estate agent and talk to you about adding a kitchen to your existing house and what they think will be the percentage increase in the value of your house.  This way you can judge for yourself whether or not the kitchen extension will increase your house value or not.  You do not want to spend thousands on your kitchen and find out that it will not add value when you look to sell your house in the future.

Choosing the Right Type of Kitchen Extension

Any type of Kitchen Extension you undertake in your house will certainly make your house look updated and uplifted with all the modern open plan kitchen fittings, lights and airy spaces. Statistics say after our work desk the most important place at home is the Kitchen so its vital that your kitchen is comfy and something that you look forward to spending time in the evenings.

In our opinion, the Open plan kitchen extension is the latest and best style, we will be able to convert your existing kitchen area into an ample open space. This kitchen area will be a major attraction if it offers more cooking options, separate areas for dining, space for entertaining guests or simply relaxing.

After you have done the correct type of Kitchen extension, this can completely change the look and feel of our entire house. We have a lot of experience as a builder working in numerous simple to complex to kitchen extensions in London. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and make your kitchen more attractive and increase the value of your property in the process.

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We have unparalleled experience in most types of kitchen extensions within the London area

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We provide up to 10 years guarantee for our kitchen extension works.

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Our kitchen extension pricing is very detailed, simple to understand and no hidden costs.

Detailed Finishing

We always do a fantastic job, ensuring all kitchen extension details are precisely completed.

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