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We provide bespoke house renovations specially tailored to our clients requirements. You house is a place where you spend most of your time so it should be an image of who you are, sort of identity. Our aim is to understand your goals, requirements and then advice you on how to proceed making them into reality.  

Renovating your House in London is like a Great Investment

We all know that London is an expensive city to live in yet alone buy a house. Any sort of house renovation to your London house will result in a great future investment as it will increase your property’s value and make it attractive to potential buyers when you want to sell it.

House renovation is simply re-modelling the house the way your want it. As London house prices skyrocket its best to renovate your house to your own spec then move to a property that you compromise on. More and more people are renovating their existing houses as they understand the long term value of doing so.  If done properly, and with a house renovation London company that you can rely on, there are many advantages. Not only will you add value to your house, developments in materials (insulation) and technology (nest)could mean reduced utility bills and lower home maintenance costs.

Cost of House Renovations

Do you know what the average cost of house renovation is in London? You will be surprised it is much lower then your expect when you take into consideration the value and return on investment you are getting from renovating your house. For example, adding a new kitchen or re-modelling the bathroom will only contribute to increasing the overall value of your property when you want to sell. Renovating a house that is dated can lead to many advantages, firstly the efficiency and safety of your house will improve as new wiring, heating and plumbing will be installed. This will help in saving money in the long run. 

Ready to Start Renovating

Once you have made up your mind about house renovation and are ready to start, make sure you check for any planning permissions required so that we limit any building delays or legal issues at a later stage. Our team’s experience  and expertise puts us in the driving position to advise you at every stage of the renovation process.  We can assist you with design and structure work or liaise with your architect of choice and create your ideal dream house renovation. Later, we can start the actual construction work. We will help creating your ideas into reality every step of the way. 

Why Choose House Renovation London Company

10 Year Warranty

We will guarantee the structural work undertaken by us on your house project for 10 years.

Dedicated Project Manager

From the start of your project, we will give you a personal dedicated project manager who will answer all your queries on a day to day basis and keep you informed on the progress of your house renovation through regular updates and meetings. They will supervise the works and schedules

Trusted, Reliable Tradesmen

We have a highly skilled and experienced team of tradesmen with a combines experience of over 80 years in the building trade alone. Rest assured every project we take is managed with the highest professionalism and completed with great precision.

Building Control Checks

Our construction team will work along the building inspector so that we adhere to all legalities when progressing with the project.We will meet the building inspector at your house during regular intervals so that we ensure that, we are complying with all the latest building regulations. Once works are completed, the building inspector will make a final visit and issue a completion certificate.

What to Expect When Undertaking Your House Renovation with Us

House Renovation London Company can assist with all aspects of your house renovation projects in London.  Starting from: 


Structural design and engineering: 

Do you want to change the layout of your house? If yes, then a structural engineer and design is required. Structural work will be required if any wall is to be removed that is load bearing to the house. Our project manager will guide you on all the requirements based on what you want to get built. Our team will help you in achieving maximum gain in terms of light, space, height and return on your renovation investment. 

Interior and architectural design:

As a home owner you want to able to use all the available space efficiently therefore the space of your rooms are very important. Alot of our clients consider incoming sun light when positioning each room. When planning a large house renovation, you must draw a plan or have an architect do one for you which we can follow till completion. Aspects such as storage space, utility room need to be added into the drawings. Everything from the layout, to the choice of colours need to be finalised before work is commenced. We have worked with some of London’s best architects and can give you some recommendations of architects if needed. 

Finishing touches and materials:

Finishing is the most important aspect when renovating a house. The tiles in the bathroom and the newly finished kitchen make a stunning difference to the newly added space.  All the paints, worktop, kitchen units, floors make the new space more enjoyable and practical. We give your clients nothing but the best finishing and all our work is completed at a competitive price. 


If you have all your designs and plans ready with your own architect or structural engineer, we can execute it for you by drawing up our own plan breaking the whole job into phases so that the right team is appointed for the job. 

Construction work: 

In most cases a house renovation work requires a construction team to start of with the building work. We will have the most appropriate and experienced team handle this for you at this stage who will renovate walls, ceilings and flooring.

Electrical and plumbing:  

These are vital to the success of a house renovation projects. It is highly required to only have trusted and reliable tradespeople work in your house. We can show you properties that we have renovated and first hand client recommendations too. 

Finishing and decorating:

We have a team of experienced tilers, painters, plasterers and carpenters who will apply the finishing touch to your house renovation. Finishing is highly important as it is visible on a day to day basis and it makes the difference for all our clients. You can visit some of our properties in West London to see our finishing work. 

Full Project management:

House Renovation work can be very disruptive and stressful to many of our clients. Our project manager will do his best to minimise all noise and dirt within the house during the house renovation process. Our project managers are multi-lingual and can speak different languages in order to get you the best. 

Finishing and Housing Materials

Finishing is the most important aspect in the house renovation process. This has the biggest impact on how well the project completes. We give utmost attention to this to ensure the best materials are used in the house renovation. We have good relations with many trade merchants so we can get great prices on all building materials. 

Installation: Do you know that even the best materials/products look average if not installed properly. Our team is well experienced in all types of house renovation projects and we only use the best installers/tradespeople who get the best results. 

Finishes: We can help you sourcing with other materials like windows, doors, flooring, radiators, lights etc. We can guide you on which kitchen units manufacturer is good and which ones to avoid. Our experience will help you save on wasting trips to several building merchants and in turn focus on how you want to change the look and feel of your house.

Our House Renovation Process

Free Client Site Visit

The first step is visiting your house for a site visit. Our house renovation experts will meet you at your property.  It is important for us to visit your house so as to fully understand all the requirements of the house renovation process. A face to face meeting is the best way to gauge all your plans and concerns with regards to your renovation project. We will require you to give us as much information as possible with regards to your property such as, electrical points, water pipes, type of boiler, gas meter, parking restrictions if any etc. If you have your house renovation plans ready, please show them to us when our specialists visit your property so that we can advice on what can be achieved or not.


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