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House Extension London 

House Renovation London provides high quality workmanship and a wide range of home renovation and refurbishment solutions across London.  Whether your project is small or big, we effectively complete each project to the highest standard possible. We undertake all house renovation projects in commercial and residential houses across London,  Our team is well trained to deal with all building services in a most comprehensive manner.

The Benefits of House Extensions in London

Is your home starting to feel cramped? Are you more concerned about the space needs of your growing family? If you are thinking of renovation projects around the house, an extension is something that a homeowner should consider. Irrespective of how big your house looks in the beginning, over time you will feel like all the space in your house has disappeared. Many people may consider moving to a bigger home, however, the cost and time involved are quite significant. Home extensions can offer the extra, functional space that you and your family need. Furthermore, if you plan to sell your property in the future, its value will have gone up even more. If you have the room and means of extending your house, you will benefit immensely from this type of construction work.

              The following are the benefits of house extensions:

Added Space – Transform the way you live

Is the living space in your London home cramped and cluttered? A home extension or addition is a perfect option for adding functional space without the challenging hassle and significant expenses involved in moving houses. You will be able to offer accommodation for your guests, a new baby, or arrange personal belongings effectively. Furthermore, the extra space can be converted to an office for those who work from home. The new room can also be used as an entertainment room or home gym. The newly added space can transform the way you live too. 

Do you want to more light and open-plan living in your house? By adding a conservatory, bi-fold doors, skylights in your kitchen can brighten up your house. In the picture above, we extended the Kitchen by 6 meters and added lots of glass for natural light to reach the kitchen. This way we were able to seamlessly integrate the outside space and the internal living area. 

Boosts Property Value

Home extensions are a good way of increasing the value of your residential property.  A premium quality house extension will solve functionality and space issues that many growing families face. In addition, a good extension will be great to the overall design of your home. This will boost the market value of the property because the square footage will be higher and the home will be more functional.

See this example of a house extension in Edgware, which increased the value of our client’s property by over 25%. This was as a result of the massive increase in the square footage within their home which became more functional and aesthetically updated too. 

Design your House as you Like it

One of the major advantages of designing and building a home extension is that you will still stay on your current property. You will enjoy remaining within the same neighbourhood and your children will go to the same school. In addition, you will keep your old friends and neighbours when you opt for a home extension instead of moving to a new bigger house.

Instead of finding a new house within London, its best to simply extend and renovate your existing house instead. By doing this you will be able to design and expand your own house, just as you want to do so.

You will save time and money

Rather then giving a huge deposit on a new house and paying stamp duty, legal fees and all the house moving stress too, you can save alot of money and your vital time by simply undertaking a full house extension/renovation. If you have space on your side or on top of your garage, then a side extension can add you another bedroom with a bathroom. If you have no space then a loft conversion will be ideal for you to extend into and increase your internal living space. 

The cost of constructing a house extension tends to be cheaper compared to moving to a bigger house. With a new house, you will have to pay fees to real estate agents and cater for other expenses that may add up quickly. Furthermore, you will have to hire movers to help transport your furniture and other assets to your new house. Home extensions are an ideal way of creating additional space and you will save the time and money involved in selling your current house and finding a new property to buy.

Home extensions offer homeowners a perfect opportunity to make their property more functional and cater to the changing lifestyle needs without the challenges of moving houses. Being able to change the design of your house with an extension is a great opportunity to have your dream home. Whether it is an extra bathroom, bedroom, home office, or new space for hanging out, you will never have regrets building on your existing home. With the property prices steadily rising every day, it is no secret that home extensions and renovations are becoming more popular among many homeowners.

Below is a client of ours in Edgware who had a full house renovation instead of moving home. This was the before picture of how the house looked and under that is the recent picture of the house once works were completed. 

Modernize Your Home

Many homeowners opt for home extension projects followed by a renovation of their old space. This will result in a ‘new home’ that has a modern and trendy design. Home extensions and renovations are desirable, especially for homes that have design flaws or fixtures that do not appear as modern as you would love them to look. With a home extension, you will have the opportunity of getting additional functional space and revamping your old space.

Personalise your Space

Instead of starting over in a new property, home extensions can help you to personalize your existing home. Home extensions are an ideal way of creating the space that you actually need and you will be able to utilize it the way you want. This makes extensions an exciting undertaking for many homeowners. Furthermore, you can always seek the input of family members to ensure that everyone is happy and contented with the new design.

Do House Extensions Require Planning Permission?

A home extension is considered permitted development. This means that an application for planning permission is not necessary as long as specified conditions are met. Getting planning permission is one of the major barriers that prevent many homeowners from going on with their home extension projects. Although you do not need to seek planning permission, there are rules and regulations from the local council that must be adhered to. If your home extension does not exceed the set limits then you can continue with your extension project. We will handle everything for you and ensure that you do not break the law with your new extension.

Types of Home Extensions

Once you have decided to go for a house extension, you must understand all the possibilities of the types of home extensions possible.  Chose from the several types of extensions that you can have in your house below: 

Multi-storey Side Extension – Perfect for Detached, end of terraced and semi-detached house. 

If your home is detached, semi-detached or end of terrace property in London, you will be able to add a multi-storey side extension on the side. One thing you must consider is that, the more space you have at the side of your house, the more likelihood in getting planning permission granted successfully.

Wrap Around Extensions – Flat Roof and Crown Roof –
Perfect for Detached Houses

This type of house extension is perfect for large detached houses as you will be able to extend all around your house combining a side-return extension with a rear extension. There are alot of  ideas for the extra space created on the sides. 

Rear House Extensions

Here are some of the rear house extension options that you may select from depending if you are living in a detached, semi-detached or terraced property which is not yet extended. 

Crown Roof Extension

Pitched Roof Extension

Gabled Roof Extension

Flat Roof Extension

Pitched Roof Extension 

If you want to Extend Further

Wrap around Rear Extension

Side Return Extension

Side Return and Rear Extension

Rear Single Storey Extension

House Extensions Cost

What is the cost of a House extension is one of the popular question that is asked to us by our esteemed customers. A good house extension can be completed with minimal costs if you choose your materials carefully and that too of good quality. The house extension cost in London and the south east of England is considerably higher then other parts of England. We strongly advice our customers to check with your local architect or surveyor who can put together a budget estimate for your house extension project. Some areas within London that have restrictions in parking, delivering materials etc, tend to see the refurbishment costs be much higher as many house renovation companies tend to avoid such places due to the complexity and issues with it.  

A reliable architect will help you control your budget in the right way and advice you on where costs can be reduced. If you’re project is much larger then a quantity surveyor will be required too. All in all, our team will guide you on how to get the best out of your house extension project.


How do I extend my House?

Design and planning the extension

Designing and planning your extension is the most important step of the house extension process. We have seen many houses where the owners do not plan or design what they want to achieve. Failing to plan is failing in the first process of house extension.  The problem is that most house owners are not architects and do you have much knowledge about designing their extensions. Now if you find a local architect in your area, see if he/she has the experience required to handle your project. Every architect has your best interest and from our experience they work very hard in getting your vision into reality. 

Permits need to be taken

Before your house extension work can begin, you must ensure that you understand and comply with all building regulations and legislation that affect your property. When undertaking an extension one must get written consent from all affected neighbours before construction commences. This called the Party Wall Act that affects you from starting work and approval is required by law. The good news is that we will take care of this for you so rest assured we will take this stress off your shoulders. 

What to do during the extension? 

Once the planning permission and architectural designs are ready, work can commence on your house extension. Our building team will be setting our site up and the initial process will begin in accordance to the design. It is advised you vacate your property or plan your yearly holiday in such a way that you avoid all the noise and mess in the house for a few weeks. We try our best to reduce any noise and dirt during the house extension. 

Why should I extend my House?

Cost Effective 

Did you know that in most cases, getting an extension done will cost you much less then finding a better house that suits you. As you extend your house, you take full control over the materials, designs, new rooms required, bathroom fittings etc, this in turn means that you can choose and customise anything to suit your needs. Whereas if you buy a house you might want to change the kitchen fittings or bathroom tiles and this can unnecessarily increase the cost of purchasing the a new home. 

Full Control over your House

Following on with our first reason, you will get total control on how your extension will be designed, the materials used and how you wish to finish too. If you want to add an en-suite in the loft, you can do it. If you want to increase your kitchen space, you can extend it further. Basically you control what you want to achieve from your house. This sort of level of control is impossible to get if you opt out to buy a new house as you will have to make-do with what you buy. 

House Attachment

As we turn our house into a home, we develop a special attachment to it and this is one thing that even money cannot buy. If you have grown up in your house and lived there most of your life then moving away from it will be difficult. Nothing can replace the memories you had in this house that’s why moving home is a big decision to make for everyone in their lifetime. We are here to help you breathe new life to your existing house and preserving the memories you made there. 

Tips to Keep Your House Extension Cost Down

Be smart while building your house extension, to save money. We are listing 7 tricks to help you in making value-adding decisions.

  1. Keep designs simple and detailed – It can be the best way to save money from the beginning of extension work. Rather than so many curves, corners, a rectangular or square footprint with a simple roof will be cheaper and convenient. Besides, detailed planning helps an architect to develop the floor plan and elevations that can be the base of all projects. Plans are not just about a drawing; they’re also used to –
  • Support for all planning permission certificate application
  • Help builders to serve with an accurate quotations
  • Help in all legal and supply work

Choose a reliable architect and explain to them what exactly you want as an outcome.

  1. Leave time for paperwork –

A planning permission commission almost takes 8-14 weeks to provide a lawful development certificate. It’s advisable not to start any extension work without getting approval from the council. As the delay in paperwork can delay your extension work too, so do that on priority. Ensure that all your appraisal, survey work, building control, and party wall matters get settled before you begin. If you start doing this early, you may get a more competitive quote.

  1. Use standard materials and features –

You can get a lot of ready-available and easy to use products. Generally, if you are looking for a custom-made solution, you can eliminate the costing from the initial estimate. Keep it simple using precast beam and block solutions for the block-work for the walls, ground slab, brick, render or timber cladding for the exterior coatings, and can use softwood for the roof frame structure.

  1. Check your agreement and break down your quote –

Before starting any extension work gets a tight contract, so, if anything turns during your project, it will give you a proper way to handle inflating costs. Get a fully cost quote from the builder so that you will be aware of the price of each element, and if anything gets changed, you can refer to the original price per unit.

  1. Eliminate problematic groundwork –

Avoid building near trees, drains or other services or if you have a detached house, try not to extend too close to your neighbor’s house, it may affect their foundation, and they may apply for a Party Wall Act.

  1. Compare suppliers –

Compare different supplier price rates form choosing an architect to sourcing a builder. Try soliciting 4-6 quotes for all supplies and finalize the best one. However, we can sometimes say it’s possible that the cheaper one will not be the best. House extension London offers value, quality and trust and handles your entire contract precisely to give you the best outcome.

  1. Save money on a planning fee –

Expert Architects at House extension London helps you to keep costs down and build low-cost development simultaneously consolidating a high-value design. We will help you throughout the making process of the Planning and Building Regulations applications. It would be the best idea to invest money to those who will look after your interest.

You can avoid paying the fees associated with the planning permission

if your extension comes into the Permitted Development criteria. However, House extension London always advises for an initial pre-consultation inquiry.

  1. Hire a project manager –

Whether you’re building a two-storey rear extension or a renovated kitchen or just removing your conservatory, a project manager is always relevant to consider.

A project manager will help you to stay updated about the work progress. Also, he will keep an eye to the trades person and will try to complete the work within the timeline.

  1. Get the design accurately 

An improvement to the drawings will always require more hours from your architect; on the other hand, any changes during the construction process can cost you more labor, time and materials. Decide the design in one go, as replacements always acquire in extra costs that only become apparent later on. A perfect design ensures that everything is happening in the right place. It becomes crucial when dealing with loft conversions as it has a complexity of having different roof pitches, stair’s headroom and the available quality space. However, use the 3D model to make the designing work easier.

  1. Negotiate trade discounts 

House extension London uses its own trusted suppliers, and get special prices for their loyalty. We offer the best deal in the market.

We keep our costs down by using basic specifications. Get in touch for more specifications.

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