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A loft conversion is one of the best ways to increase the value of your house without having to move out. Did you know that a Loft Conversion in London can add as much as 20% + in value, which means you are highly likely to make money from your loft conversion in the long term. Within London, we all know there is an ever-increasing issue regarding space and Loft conversion is the most obvious house renovation that people can undertake. All in all,  it’s less expensive than moving house and furthermore it increases your living area. 

Hassle-Free Loft Conversion in London

It is our goal to reduce as much hassle from your loft conversion project in London. Our team will ensure that you are not disturbed and noise is kept at a minimum throughout the build. We make sure our building hours are around your working hours so that you have can have noise free evenings when you get back from work. We take care of everything from materials to all work supplies. When fitting the stairs we will need access through your property and will ensure all safety and protective precautions are undertaken to safeguard your flooring, walls, and furniture so that no damage is done. We can introduce you to our local architects or if you have your own drawings ready, we can simply follow and build  accordingly.

Once we start the work, we will introduce you to your site manager who will manage the day to day tasks at the property and answer all the queries you may have. Prior to starting the work, our senior supervisor will meet you at your house to understand what you want to achieve through the loft conversion. You can ask any questions you may have at that time. Thereafter we will create an affordable loft conversion plan for your project based on the discussed details.

Our Loft Conversion Stages

1.  Site Survey and Quote – Our senior surveyor will arrange a convenient time to visit your property. After the visit, we will devise a plan and draft the quote in accordance to what your requirements are. We will then send an agreement via email. Once you agree on the terms we will commence the work. 

2.   Building Regulations and Contract – Once the contract agreements are signed, we will start the loft conversion process. We will introduce you to your project manager who will take care of all the building regulations and planning permissions required.

3.  Final Touches – Once the Loft conversion work is nearly completed, we will instruct an inspection to wither out any minor faults and fix them as early as possible.

4. The Loft is Completed – We complete all the works and deliver the Loft to you within the deadline specified.

Types of Loft Conversions

There are 4 types of loft conversion that can be done: Dormer Loft Conversion, L-shaped Dormer Loft Conversion, Hip to Gable Loft Conversion, Mansard Loft Conversion and Velux Loft Conversion. We can install staircases, cupboards, storage furniture and even electrical services which is all part of our service. 

Dormer Loft Converison

This is the most popular Loft Conversion Option selected by Londoners as this type of loft conversion is the easiest way to increase roof space and add light to your loft. The structure of your roof is altered on the sides or rear of the property and a new flat-roofed dormer is added.

Mansard Loft Conversion

The Mansard Loft Conversion is ideal at creating extra space in your house. This process involves the replacing of one or both roof slopes that have very steep sloping sides and a flat roof on top.

Hip to Gable Conversion

This type of Loft conversion is mostly found on the side of semi-detached or end-terraced properties. The hip to gable is when the sloping side of the roof is removed and the wall is then built straight to form a new vertical gable.

Velux Loft Conversion

Velux Loft Conversion is the most cost-effective and simplest Loft Conversion of all. With this you will be able to increase your loft space without altering the shape of the roof structure. No planning permission required, very little disruption and construction is required.

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