How much value does a house extension add?

How much value does a house extension add?

How much value does a house extension add?

We have been working for years in the home improvement industry. These days you can expect lots of benefits to increase home value for the government recently relaxed its restricted planning rules when it comes to a house extension. Due to these changes,  homeowners are given more freedom to improve and increase the value of their homes. Before, homeowners were restricted over planning permits as they could add only as much as 3 meters in-depth for a single-story extension and 4 meters to a detached house. Recently. the length of the distances has been doubled, so start your work as soon as possible before they decide to revert the rules!

Can you estimate the value of a house extension?

It is difficult to state an exact figure as it is affected by lots of factors as (a)  extension type, (b) the kind of house, and (c) the location of the property. But there are some statistics to indicate what to expect in the added value of a house extension.

You can probably refer to research to find the value after an average number of bedroom house improvements. An extension of a double bedroom can add up to 23% to the property value. Adding another bathroom offers up to 6% and a double bedroom can add up to 12%.

You need to find the right house renovation team

Projects such as these need professionals, like choosing the right qualified architect and workmen for they are essential to all successful house renovation projects  We have the right experienced team who offer no-obligation consultations and quotes. Note, that all these services are free.

Building services provided by us

1. Extension of kitchen

This service is complete from A-Z to include building the exterior of the Kitchen to the fitting of units.

2. Renovation of bathrooms

Full bathroom renovation and remodeling are offered from start to finish.

3.Renovation of the House

Explore quality services in full house renovation including your specifications for extensions and conversions.

3. Painting and Decorating

Full Interior or Exterior painting that creates wonderful house transformation.

4. Loft Conversion

You can avail of the types of Loft Conversions from Velux, Dormer, Mansard, Hip to Gable.

5. House Extension

All sorts of House Extension Projects are offered within West London

Home extension factors affecting house values:

1. Functional space. By adding an extra bedroom or extending living spaces, you add value to your home without having to install new plumbing.

2. Street appeal is an extension opportunity to greatly enhance the appearance of your home.

3. Gain profit from your extensions after they are sold, as an additional second bathroom and updating kitchens.

4. The location of your home in a more expensive neighborhood will add even greater value.

5 What about a Conservatory?

Create more interesting homes by adding a conservatory  to allow you to experience the serenity of the outdoors from the comfort of your very own home.

A bonus is the exemption of a conservatory from development approval. This eliminates the ubiquitous paper works for you, on your way to add that all-important value to your home.

6. Loft conversion

Lofts are often overlooked spaces when it comes to extension since loft provides many uses: as an additional bedroom, a second living room, or an entertainment space. A loft conversion is the best way to extend your house.

This conversion is within your place and is much more simple than an exterior addition to your property that requires development approval. However. this simply home upgrade can increase the value of your home value by 22%. So start cleaning out that loft.

7. Granny flat is an additional income source

This dwelling is separate so you can can easily have it rented out on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. And it is a great way to add value to your home. All you need is a large land area adjacent to your home, and some investment money.

8. A second-floor addition

At the end of the day, you will realize that a second floor investment this marvelous iadd a huge amount of value to your home without sacrificing its outdoor area. Also, the second floor of a house located in a picturesque area will increase property value.

9. Extend outwards

Consider extending outwards as a fantastic way of utilzing land of your property for it tends to be less expensive than extending in other directions.

When planning to add a ground level extension, consider taking the slope of your land.

The typical cost for a house extension

A quotation for a typical house extension can be extremely complicated since many factors are considered. Generally, computation is done by per square meter (cost per m2) and many small individual costs are lump into one. All estimates  approximate exclude VAT, and are rough indication only

Common Types of Extension

1. Single Story Extension

The foundation of the ground floor structure is designed to carry its own weight in the area. For a typical good quality 5m x 5m addition, you will have to pay out about £30,000, with an extra premium of £20,000 if you are in London and the South East. A structure like this will take about 14 weeks to complete excluding any holdups.

2. Double Story Extension

This consists of a ground floor and first-floor structure. This still needs a roof and foundations so it won’t cost much more than a single story (but the roof is less accessible). The typical cost is about £45,000 with an extra £25,000 in London.

Building time for a double story addition will be about 6 months. All estimates here are approximate, excluding VAT, and are rough indication only

We encourage home improvement for it is the best option to increase the value of your home. You are welcome to visit Home Renovation London so we can be of assistance. We will be with you in your home renovation project to increase property value. Email us here:

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