Checklist For Renovating Your London Home

Checklist For Renovating Your London Home

If you are planning to renovate your existing house in North London, you may know that renovation projects are often an ambitious undertaking and be daunting if you are not sure where you have to start.

Before planning to invest money to refurbish your house, you should use a renovating a house checklist to have a clear understanding. Often issues that were not previously visible, sometimes start rising damp; as a result, expenses can soar quite drastically. A checklist can help you to process renovation smoothly rather than initiating off without proper planning.

Hence, sit down and think about how you can spend your money smartly and save your time too. A thumb rule for the house renovation plans it in such a way in which they should be completed. It should go through your North London home room by room, in a scheduled manner.

Take a look at the below pre-renovation list tasks to ensure you’re as prepared as possible and based on your personal requirements for your North London home renovation.

Exterior can always be a good place to start to ensure that your house is in good shape. As if any structural changes need to be done outside, there is no point to start working on an aesthetic change inside.

  • Have a professional look at guttering, water pipelines, flashing and roof.
  • Inspect your windows and doors condition
  • Check for the exterior paintwork and if it is peeling off, get a durable and waterproof one.
  • Do not forget to check the garden area to ensure if it needs any professional gardener to cut back the overgrown plants and for regular maintenance.

Most of the people want to have extra space during their house renovation. If you need more space in your North London home, check for usability and functionality of that particular area before moving for any segmented room or open layout. You can go for segmented rooms if you have an older house or can opt an open layout for your modern home.

  • You can remove some walls to expand the space or to connect rooms.
  • Conservatory or ground floor extension can be the best options for open kitchen.
  • Attic or basement conversion is the most effective way to give your house a new look.

The main goal for many house projects is to get storage. However, before initiating it, work out what you exactly want to store. You may have already thought that you have an overwhelming abundance of stuff, but is it true?

  • Take time to a few decluttering session
  • Check your belongings systematically, to know what you want to store where.
  • Think where the storage can be more functional and useable

Flooring is always a point of concern as it makes a big difference. While considering the North London house renovation, according to your budget, you can use carpets, wooden or laminate flooring to give your floor an impact statement.

  • If you are thinking about the carpet, consider the size and quality.
  • You can change the tiles for your bathroom or for the kitchen or for the entire house, depending on your budget, to give a completely new look.
  • Also, if you are using a carpet, you can switch for wooden flooring or for laminating.

Have an electrical inspection and be sure that it’s up to current electrical standards. Check for the wirings and plug sockets to avoid an electrical fire.

  • Check your electrical outlets working condition, and change if it is not in a proper condition.
  • Consider the lighting, whether the existing one needs fixing or any replacement.
  • Including the dimmer light ensures that all the switches are working properly.

Consider getting your plumbing inspected, surely for the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. Consider replacing if they have any leakage with more efficient modern ones.

  • Replace older and galvanised pipe with a newer one.
  • As older sewer pipes get obstructed over the years, it would be beneficial to replace them with the newer one.
  • Replace all outdated plumbing fixture

Make your living room more fresh and new, with new paintings or by changing the curtains.

  • Add splash colours, paintings, borders and accs=esories to make your living room feel more livable.
  • Lok for your furniture, as if they need to be replaced or a painting
  • You can change your older cushions and curtains with a new one to complement the decor.

As a hearth of the house, the kitchen should be aesthetically pleasing and functional. If your budget is allowing you, you can renovate your kitchen completely to enhance the functionality and appearance.

  • Replacing kitchen units is obvious
  • If you do not have a sufficient budget, you can change door handles, wardrobe colour, drawers designs.
  • Keep a breakfast bar with tools to have your food in the kitchen. It also saves a lot of space.
  • Have a properly designated place for spatulas and knives. If you do not have sockets in your kitchen, ask electricians to instal it for your convenience.
  • Decorate your kitchen with energetic, appealing colours and can also combine it with a small flower pot.

Research professionals

A right professional is a key to successful house renovation. Your architect, designer or builder need to have the proper knowledge and creative mind to meet your expectations.

  • Have a look at their previous work
  • Research their projects.
  • Ensure they are professional, elegant, stylish and can fulfil your needs.
  • Check for more in-depth explanations of their projects.

When you are assessing a potential project, take all necessary help whenever it is required. Here we have shared a sort of few essential checkpoints which help in refurbishing your house.

Go ahead, now it’s time to transform your house!!!

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