Can House Renovation still go on during COVID?

Can House Renovation still go on during COVID?

Coronavirus has impacted everyone ‘s in many ways. The government announcement for construction workers contains several guidelines about how to undertake work during the Covid-19 lockdown. By keeping people and builders’ safety on priority during this time, improvement work for homes under the new guidelines can be fulfilled.

House owners who want to undertake work to improve their new home or renovate their old home are allowed to do so during the coronavirus pandemic, following the guidelines outlined by the government.

However, as compared to the past, construction work is going to be more restricted than usual, but that can not prevent you from getting supplies.

Sticking to the social distancing rules, many companies are providing contactless services and preferring online payment to avoid face to face contact. It would be advisable to check government guidelines documented for construction companies before starting any construction work.


You can search for the builder’s guidelines for construction work on Google. Builders can work as long as they follow the current working rules from the government. As now the government starts to loosen the lockdown, home renovation and improvement work such as remodelling, kitchen extension, fitting which require tradespeople like plumber, electricians, decorators, builders etc. can go ahead. However, with the coronavirus lockdown, finding the builders can be a challenging and more stressful task. Due to this, a few urgent home repairs and renovations have received the worst hit.

As a few guidelines have mentioned that you need to contact your builder and content insurance company if you need essential repairs within your household during this time.

Moreover, if the builder is willing to finish the project to secure an income, and assure the safety, then it is okay to proceed.

Guidelines for Tradespeople –

It is necessary to abide by a certain rule for tradespeople. Builders need to follow government safety guidelines for more protected working practices and have to adhere to strict social distancing measures in use.

Government’s guidelines are:

  • Tradespeople need to coordinate with the household prior to initiating the work to confirm that the no member of the household has any symptoms of coronavirus or is self-isolated.
  • Anyone who is having any kind of symptoms, whether mild or not, would not be involved in any work. Those people should carry out no work.
  • Tradespeople need to take care of washing their hand before entering the premises and should use hand sanitizer, separate towels or paper towels, which needs to be separated or disposed of after use.
  • Tradespeople are obliged to execute a companion system for ensuring that the same people are working together.
  • Builders should minimize their contact with householders and follow a social distancing and should remain 2 meters away from them.
  • They need to avoid any face-to-face contact and should bring their own kettle, mug, or food.
  • Apart from the above mentioned points, house owners can also go digital to share their feedback and reviews and can use video calling features for communication. Many builders also offer an online payment option, which can help them to avoid any contact.

What should homeowners do?

House owners who are looking to carry out work in homes, should consider a few things such as:

  • Stay Contacted – Staying regular contacted with the builder is important. You can get the insight into the work which is being carried out and can discuss how risks can be reduced. Staying in touch with the supplier can help you to be assured that your shipments will arrive as planned.
  • Go digital – Most of the construction websites are now using video calling options and encouraging trade members to accept video calls. Video calling can be beneficial for you as well to discuss your plan, security and safety concerns and others.
  • Don’t hide –  If you have any Corona Virus symptom or have been isolated, be honest and go only for any emergency or essential repairing work. Ensure that during the work, you maintain a social distance and avoid any physical contact. It would be recommended to take additional safety measures and stay in another room.
  • Take necessary precautions while work is being carried out – Surface area and door handles should be disinfected before and after work. Keep the internal doors open to minimize the touching. Make sure to clean shared facilities, like toilets, stairs or kitchens frequently and after each shift. If it’s possible, keep your kids and pets in another room while the work is being carried out.

Do not Try To Carry Out Major Work Yourself.

 Do not try to take major work such as structural alterations or electricity and gas installations as it needs to meet building regulations and should be done by qualified, skilled and accredited professionals.

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