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House Renovation London has completed many house renovations in and around London. We solely focus our attention in meeting our clients goal and vision.  Your satisfaction is what makes us tick, and is the primary driving force that helps us to build and renovate the most complex of houses. 

Your house is a perfect reflection of who you actually are. Our team will meet you at your property and understand all your requirements and goals that you want to achieve with your new renovation. 

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House Refurbishment London Services

Loft Conversion

We cover all sorts of Loft Conversions: Velux, Dormer, Mansard, Hip to Gable

House Extension

We undertake all sorts of House Extension Projects within West London

Kitchen Extension

Complete A-Z from building the exterior of the Kitchen to fitting the Kitchen units.

Bathroom Renovation

We provide full bathroom renovation and remodelling from start to finish.

House Renovation

We offer a full house renovation service from extensions and conversions included.

Painting and Decorating

Whether you want to get your Interior or Exterior painted, we can get this done for you!

Turning your House Renovation Idea into Reality Are you Considering House Renovation in London?

Do you have a house in London or within the M25? Are you looking to buy a house/property that requires house refurbishment? We are specialists in full house renovation projects and can help you refurbish your property to your ideal taste and requirements. 

Did you house renovations especially in London can give you a fantastic return on your investment. If you purchase a large house in London and want a high return on investment, why not convert it into flats and then sell them individually. We have completed many such projects in London for our loyal customers. get in touch with us for viewings on our projects in West London. 

Our team can design and build any house improvements or home renovation projects which include loft conversions, kitchen extensions, bathroom installations or general building work around the house. All our work is carried out with meticulous precision to make sure our client is happy with the end result.

House Renovation London’s team strives to preserve your privacy and security of your house. We complete our job with minimal disruption and ensure to install all needed safety measures to make the process exceptionally stress free. 


No Hidden Costs or Unexpected Expenses

Our project manager will ensure your house renovation project gets completed within the pre-scheduled deadline and reduce the unexpected expenses associated with the construction process. 

Before we start the renovation project, we carefully evaluate the exact requirements that the client has, inspect the site thoroughly, and devise an all-inclusive detailed quotation that minimises unexpected expenses.

Flexibility and Prompt Customer Service

We offer you with an added bonus of a flexible site evaluation and fast customer service at all times. Our team will ensure to listen to your ideas and make viable suggestions and solutions to meet your house renovation goals. We have a flexible approach when it comes to house renovations so we are open to both listening to ideas and giving our experienced solutions to it. 

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    An extension or addition to your house is referred to as permitted development, which in simpler words means, not requiring an application for planning permission. However this is subject to conditions placed by each boroughs in London. E.g some boroughs allow a 6m extension without planning while others require an application. You can get more info here

    Typically, a rear dormer loft conversion on a terraced property will take around four to five weeks to complete and a gable-end and rear dormer conversion on a semi-detached property will take five to six weeks to complete. All in all, there are other factors that can hamper the completion such as weather conditions, delay in planning permission etc. 

    This depends on what you have in mind/vision for your new bathroom. For a high end  bathroom remodelling will cost between £5,000 and £10,000. This includes new fixtures like a new toilet, new sink, and a new bathtub. It also includes the cost of new tiling, new cupboards, and a countertop for the sink. This is a rough estimate as prices vary on what sort of materials you want or if you want to purchase the materials on your own. 

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    Easy Steps Our Working Process​

    A House Renovation Project will give you the opportunity to revamp and modernise your house. You can better plan the use of the space, layout and create better living areas. Our specialist House renovation experts operate in West and North London. 
    Working Process 1
    Site Visit

    Site Visit

    Working Process 2
     Preliminary Drawings

    Preliminary Drawings

    Working Process 3
     Detail Drawings

    Detail Drawings

    Working Process 4



    Don’t you think that house renovations can be somewhat exciting? Here is a brief snapshot of what you need to know before you commence your house renovation project in London. The initial stage being finding the right property to renovate, to ensuring maximum thermal efficiency of your new house.

    The first thing is, your decision on whether you want to restore the whole house or just a part make-over.  Do you want to add a new kitchen extension or perhaps a new loft conversion for that additional space that is required. We can work on the full renovation from scratch and follow your detailed design so that you as a client is satisfied with the final outcome.

    If you have bought a house with the prime purpose of renovating it and then selling it for a profit then we can help you in this. We have unparalleled experience in this as we have worked with several experience property investors who hire us for their restoration projects in London. We also offer our research and guidance service where we can accompany the client to an auction property to advice them on the amount of work required.


    Before deciding on renovating your house you need to take some time out and research on what home improvements do you want to make and understand all aspects of of your property such as how much light comes into the property. 

    If your house requires a lot of work then you might consider hiring a local qualified architect who can help you avoid some common mistakes that some home owners make. A structural engineer will also be required particularly if your property falls under a listed building. 

    One decision that you need to take early on is with regards to the planning permission of your project.  Your architect will advice you if planning is required or not. In most cases planning will be needed in house extension projects however if you are only internally renovating your house then it will not be required. It is important to plan ahead so that you get the plans ready before we can start the works accordingly. 


    By undertaking the best practices and implementing them on every residential and commercial renovation project regardless of the project’s size or budget. We assure long lasting quality and the best luxury finish without cutting any corners. 

    Our goal is to deliver the best quality house renovation projects within your time and budget. We treat each and every project equally and undertake the same approach, with the same highly skilled team of specialists working across London. 


    Your home is your world and we recognise this and that’s why we work endlessly in delivering the highest standards for your house. Whether you are looking to renovate just one or two rooms, or completely refurbish your house, our highly experienced London based renovation team can help in design, build and manage the entire process to help you get the very best version of your home. 

    If you are looking to sell your property or rent out, we can work alongside your chosen estate agents as well as insurance companies so that your house restoration is managed efficiently.  We undertake all house to flat conversions across London. 

    We will take the stress off you by undertaking your house renovation project from start to finish. We have a full dedicated team of carpenters, joiners, plumbers, tilers, electricians and decorators.


    We have worked and completed many projects over the years and to ensure that everything runs smoothly, we devised a process manual for both our clients and our team to follow when on-site. We ask our clients to write down ideas about what they want to achieve from their house renovation project. From what your desired idea is, we will help create a plan on how to go about turning it to reality.  Here are some of the steps from our manual that both our client and our building team will undertake: 

    Step 1: Plan for every space/room

    You need to plan on how each room in the house will be used and what for too. It is important for you to imagine the design and pre-plan on everything from where the sockets will be or where the lights etc. Our team’s objective is to make sure every space is well utilised and defined. We will guide you with ideas for the rooms so that you get nothing but the best. 

    Step 2: Client approval & preparation

    When the design is ready (from the client or architect), we go through it with the client to ensure everything is understood by the client and is approved thereafter. In our building trade, preparation is key so that no time is wasted once the house renovation project starts. 

    Step 3: Renovation 

    We begin working according to the plan/design agreed in step 2. We make sure our client is kept informed of the progress on a weekly basis. All remodelling work is done in this stage to accommodate the new design. 

    Step 4: Pre-completion checks

    Our team will ensure that the property is water and air tight. We will begin testing all plumbing, electrics, doors and plastering work done so that any issues that arise can be fixed in due time. This is the stage when our client can begin thinking about the finishing they require. 

    Step 5: Fixtures, fitting and finishes

    This is the final step in which everything that is visible is completed such as painting, kitchen units, bathroom installations etc. Once all is completed, we hand-over the house to the client to enjoy their newly renovated space. 

    If you’re thinking about your own house renovation project, or if you’re in the process of buying a second house to renovate and rent out/sell on, get in touch now on 01895 762 986, or request a quote here.


    10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Plan an Extension

    House extension is an exciting project but can be daunting for many too. With proper planning, right advice and with some discipline, you can take control of the process and assure your extension will improve your lifestyle for many coming years.

    Here are ten questions you should know yourself before starting your extension work to get you started and heading in the right direction.

    1. What would be the first step? – Either its small or large extension work, each project requires a custom design solution. House extension gives a chance to increase the liveability of a house, by adding some real value to the property. House extension London, professional help at each designing step of the project, to ensure that you will get the best outcome for your given budget. It should be your initial step. Generally, for extension work, you will require a draftsperson, a building designer or an architect. You can take your friends and colleagues recommendations or ask them to help while shortlist of preferred designers, though ensure they can demonstrate their work experience with a brief and a budget which you prefer.
    2. The purpose behind the house extension – This is an essential and often excused question. People often get into an extension project without having enough clarity about what they are trying to achieve. You need to think carefully about the purpose of the project, and for whom you are building it. As an example, maybe your kids are growing, and for them, you want some space, or perhaps the kids have already left, and you are approaching retirement; in which case you should ask yourself if you actually need any extra space at all. Your design summary should address these personal aspects of your life, rather than implying a list of casual thoughts and ideas you have seen over the years. It can help you to create a detailed outline, which will help you avoid overspending on random spaces and items.

    3. Do we have sufficient space to extend? To know the answer, first, you should have clarity about your actual need. For example, one extra room may not take a lot of space, but a bedroom and kitchen is a more significant extension, that may leave a huge impact on the area you have leftover for a backyard. Consider the size of your existing rooms as a guide to know how big each room can be. Then stand back and evaluate how much space you have left, and are you happy with the open space that remains.

    4. How to make it cost-effective?  Extension work is a demolition work, and the knock-on cost tends to follow. For each demolished wall, there will need to be a lot of rectification work which includes several tradespeople. A high potential value of demolishing walls is the possibility that structural modifications will be required if the wall being removed is load-bearing. However, regardless of whether the wall is load-bearing or not, repairs work still be required at the bottom of the wall where it connects with the floor, and at the top of the wall where it connects with the ceiling. Think very carefully during the planning stage, as, depending on the rooms conversion, electricians, plumbers, ceramic tiles or timber floor installers may also be required.

    5. Maybe you need to go up? If you have enough space for ground-level extension, you may need to consider adding a second storey. Going up is a great option to retain backyards and open space. Extending up is a costly option as there is a lot of work in removing the roof structure, establishing new floors and supporting the new upper-floor walls. However, investing in a second storey will enhance the look of your home and give it more appeal in the streetscape, you should consider the benefits of engaging a good architect or building designer to balance the practical solutions with the aesthetic considerations.

    6. Do we need to match the existing house? You have an opportunity to play with designs while extending. While constructing the building style of the existing one, you are open up with numerous possibilities for material choice, use of texture, roof structure, ceiling height, glazing proportions and many more. Modern materials are a more reliable choice for an open-plan living style which we generally want, enabling more natural light and airing, with the ability to personalise colours and finishes. When choosing to extend in a contrasting style, House extension London considers changing from old to new as deliberate and economical as possible.

    7.  Can we get sufficient sunlight and natural warmth? One of the critical considerations when extending the house is to investigate ways to get proper sunshine and warmth into the house. North direction will give you a good idea of where the sun will be at different times of the day; which will be one of the key priorities when extending, especially for a living or family room where you spend more time. A thorough understanding of the orientation, appropriate glazing specification and proper use of shading elements is critical, as in winter sunlight beaming can be a lovely outcome, on the other hand scorching hot summer sun can make the space unliveable. House extension London designers will help you to achieve the best results in your circumstances.
    8. Would we need to move out?  Any extension project that involves a significant amount of renovation work to the existing part will be complicated to live in throughout the construction. In these circumstances, the project may be able to stage so that you can move from one part of the house to the next.

    9. How to find a good builder? Recommendations help a lot when looking for a builder. Select an experienced builder who is doing similar work and within the same budgets to yours. Take a suggestion from your friends and colleagues and select the best suitable one after being completely satisfied with the quoting and all.

    10. How long will it take?  A quick and straightforward extension might only take four to six weeks. Say, as it may not require a full range of tradespeople for the job. A similar timeline would apply if you were adding a kitchen or bathroom. If the extension is for a decent size, the time frame is probably more like three to six months. Large extensions generally involve a lot of renovations to the existing house may take even longer, especially for second storey addition.

    Are you planning an extension at your home? Were there any significant blows in the process? Contact House Renovation London for more details.

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